With the abuse, remove 25 boys from the homes of priests and nuns – 12/15/2018


Individual interviews for minors, led by the director of children, adolescents and families (Dinaf) San Rafael in the south of Mendoza, have confirmed the suspicion that the boys reported the victims of screams, overthrows and abuses by the nun and priests who were taking care of religious homes . With the approval of the justice, the Mendoza government decided to remove 25 children and adolescents six homes of the Institute of the Lord's Servant and Devar Matara, the conservative Catholic religious movement Verb Inknenat.

These vulnerable girls and boys who were interned to abandon some of their parents, abuses or reports of sexual abuse returned as victims of challenges, inadequate penitence and fight, as reported by southern Dinaf Mendoza. Provincial authorities have reported that there has been some resistance from carers since last week that the group of operators Dinaf, together with experts, psychologists and technicians for attention and embarkation, began to take the children. The police had to intervene to keep all the children out of their homes. Then he stressed from the Ministry of Health Mendoza that "there was no cooperation from the religious community", which was against the adopted measure.

The religious will not receive a state contribution for these children because the agreement between the provincial government and the religious institute was interrupted. Now 25 boys and teenagers will be divided into other homes owned by the Children's Directorate in San Rafael.

Carlos Miguel Buela is the founder of the religious origins of the Servidoras del Señor Institute and the Virgin of Matará (SSVM), which was located 30 years ago in San Rafael. On the serversdelseñor.org website, the nun institution is portrayed as part of the religious family Excuse Word (IVE), along with the third secular order, and adds that its members they are religious who pronounce "the promises of purity, poverty and obedience, and the fourth pledge to the bondage of Mary, such as the male branch of our institute. "Priest Buel always drank in the most conservative streams of the Church and decided to find his own community to translate his ultra-Orthodoxy there. Bulew critics blame him use recruitment and manipulation techniques to attract new seminars and nuns.

The lawyer who presented the introductory word opposed the measure confirmed by the Juvenile Court in San Rafael. In a note sent to the southern delegation of Dinaf they denied the allegations in which he stated that the children were not abused in any way. However, minors who were internally interrogated reported screams, physical attacks and penalties that "do not fit" according to a court case. From the Department of Childhood, Adolescence and Family They have made it clear that this is not an abuse, but an abuse.


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