Sunday , April 18 2021

Why does 4P prolong our lives?

Today’s medicine has undergone a major change in just a few years. Scientific and technological advances have improved the quality of medicines and made new disease response solutions available to society. At the same time, progress has been made in applying new approaches to health policy planning.

All these changes have a very positive effect on the prognosis of the development of patients’ health, as well as on their quality of life during the treatment process. As a result, an increase in longevity is achieved from both a quantitative and a qualitative point of view. We live longer and also in better conditions.

In this context, the so-called 4P medicine stood out, guided by four clear concepts: medicine must be predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory. Four very simple factors, which together have a positive effect.

Technology, knowledge and humanity

The keys to a new drug

Technology has led to great advances in medicine, both in the creation of tools that directly affect a patient’s health and in the treatment of disease, as well as in digitization that allows healthcare professionals much closer and closer. . The digital world allows the patient and the doctor to be very close without having to travel, which is a big saving of time and money.

Currently, the 4P concept is being implemented and becoming fashionable, stemming from an imitation of marketing and 4Ps, theoretically designed by Philip Kotler, which highlighted four key factors to consider in their field: price, product, workplace for promotion and distribution.

In medicine, four Ps are consecutive and one leads to the other. For this reason, health must first have an excellent predictive component, something that is already very common due to scientific advances and the use of artificial intelligence. Discoveries in genetics are especially valid for this concept because in many cases they allow progress with the advent of disease.

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The second P indicates that the drug must also have a strong preventive component. Citizens need to be aware of the need for a healthy lifestyle with very clear guidelines, such as following a proper diet, frequent exercise and excluding harmful habits such as smoking or alcohol abuse. It is clear that in this way we avoid many diseases.

The third P of this medical formula, on the other hand, indicates the need to adjust the medication and treat each case in a specific way, depending on each patient and each disease.

The last P in this chronological line is the one advocating the participation of medicine. This means that the patient is to some extent responsible for his or her well-being, and must therefore cease to be merely passive in cooperating with his or her physicians and play an important role in the implementation of health policies organized by the public administration.

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