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"White Key" by Theresa Maya to help millions of Argentines


November 30, 2018

As happens to each of the ten Argentines, the British Prime Minister suffers from diabetes. To stay supervised, always wear a small white circle on your arm that serves you glucose is measured. How It Works?

The British Prime Minister Theresa May He arrived in the country on Thursday. Even though he landed off the plane with a blazer, the English premier should leave his hands on Friday if the temperature rises. If it happens, a white button could be exposed, which creates so many questions.

The Theresa May patch is a $ 2 coin, but its costs are very far from this value since each of them together with the sensor exceeds $ 10,000. The British showed this on English television at the beginning of the year, and many thought that it could be of great help to them. The device is used in the upper arm and continuously controls the level of glucose. The results can be read with a device that scans through clothing, which reduces the need for blood tests on your fingers.

FreeStyle Libre is the first of its kind and controls the glucose in fluid between the cells through the filament of the sensor, which has a width of two hairs. Patches last for two weeks and store up to eight hours of data, which it displays on the graph so people can see if the blood sugar level is rising or decreasing in the trend. At the same time, thanks to these sensors, can transmit information to the application installed on the mobile phone to adjust the insulin dose or food intake as appropriate.

When asked about the button, May He explained that "There is a lot of time when I ate and spoken in the ceremony, so the plot itself is control. When I go to a discussion or conference, I need to make sure that I check (level) and know where I am to adapt to the needs"

It is important to keep in mind that diabetes is considered a real epidemic and according to the results of the last national research of the risk factors of the Ministry of Health of the nation, 9.8% of those who had more than 18, diabetes or high blood glucose, what does a the number of more than 3 million Argentines. In extreme cases, the disease increases the potential for development, inter alia, of infectious conditions with the risk of blindness, renal failure, cardiovascular disease, and lower limb problems, which may even lead to amputation.

Glucose methods, known as "Flash technology", such as the one it uses May, allow for a significant reduction in daily stress and the tendency of glucose behavior. Adriana Angelina, Chairman of the Board Diabetes Association Argentina (ADA), it ensured that 'Measuring glucose without piercing improves the quality of life of the patient and completely changes it. Perhaps without diabetes it is difficult to understand the change, however In everyday life, it is very difficult a lot of times a day. The treatment of diabetes is not possible today, but it is impermissible that we lack a significant progress that directly affects our quality of life"

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