While Paul McCartney sang "Hey Jude", an unexpected moment occurred outside Campo Argentino de Polo


In his fourth visit to the country, within "Refresh Visit", which came out with the pretext of presenting his new album "Egypt Station," the former beatle explained that he did not fail to stay in the role of a hero or that his career was reduced to what was created by Liverpool's famous quartet.

The performance for nearly three hours had a good share of classical beatleswith those compositions that lasted for several generations, he also achieved epic moments when he examined the songs Wings, the band that McCartney led in the 1970s, and some of the creations that appeared in recent years.

People who joined to sing "Hey Jude" Paul McCartney on the outskirts of the Argentine polo field (Video / @ eduardobork)

In this way, the concert presented the tour that he covered "Despite all the dangers", the first insecure record he made The Beatleswhen they were still calling Quarries; and stainless and infallible "All My Love", "Lady Madonna", "Hey Jude", "Eleonor Rigby", "Blackbird" or "Let It Be"among others; to the last one "My Valentine", "Queenie Eye", "Who cares" o "Come to me".

At night, on the outskirts of the Argentine polo field, at Avenida del Libertador, a unique and unrepeatable moment arose. People who walked with their vehicles around the city could not be ignored when the singer sang "Hey Jude". In memory, dozens of people left their cars, stopped traffic and sang from afar, one of their classic songs with Paul, which became an impossible phenomenon.

In social networks users emphasized the attitude of enthusiasts who could not go to the recital, but in their own way they shared with the singing part of their performance.

"Without the words Sir Paul magical", "How lovely, I love this song", "Epic", "What a wish for crying, I wish I was there", "Huge", "Nice, we Argentines have feelings", there were some messages from people who expressed themselves about what they lived a few meters from the place where the artist represented them.

The moment Paul McCartney sang "Hey Jude" in the Argentine polo field (Video: YouTube / Pablo Monki)


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