Tuesday , January 26 2021

Which river will ask Conmebol in your complaint and what will happen if the decision is negative

In this afternoon, River present yours appeal before Discipline Unit Conmebol, after deciding to force him to play a final decision against Boca in Santiago Bernabéu, and a decision requiring him to pay a higher fine and to play his next home games in 2019 without the public following the riots that had taken place at stadium Monumental last Saturday.

The river will ask in its writing do not go to the finals and also calls for a reduction in the economic penalty of $ 400,000. Finally, the management will require that the sanction that forces the team to play the next domestic competitions (valid for tournaments organized by Conmebol) is not closed.

It is estimated that the final decision of the Disciplinary Unit is may not be postponed until the following Sunday, December 2, taking into account that the finals against Boka are scheduled for Sunday 9.

Although they will endeavor to exhaust all legal cases, from the management of the river know that it is practically impossible to get a favorable decisionis on appeal. That is why they are continuing on all the issues that cause logistics to travel to Madrid.

The club has not yet purchased tickets, but the idea is that it is the campus that leads Marcelo Gallardo Take flight on Tuesday night. The delegation will focus and have as a basis for training the Valdebebas complex, which belongs to Real Madrid.

What concerns the river's leaders at the moment is this Conmebol decided to give only five thousand tickets to members of the "Millionaire" who travel from Argentina. This would in no way cover nearly 10 thousand orders from subscribers and partners who bought tickets for the duel in Monumental and who intend to go to Madrid.

Conmebol will centralize the sale of tickets for the finals at Bernabéu, but has not yet given more details on how the system will be implemented. Núñez hopes that they will be able to get to know the expectations of fans who will not be able to talk about their team in Monumental, have made a lot of effort to witness a football match in the White House.

Parallelly, a group of lovers themselves are called via social networks to a Banderas at the club for tomorrow, Saturday at 5 pm, to clearly show that they will not leave Monumental for the finals.

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