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"When I wake up in the morning, they left"

Sebastián Valle lost his loved ones and he himself got sick, but he survived. They lived together in the same house.

On the front of the white house at Calle Amancay in Epuyéen, just above the metallic door, which was not open for many years, it is a small sign that says "The Valle Family". The word was taken away from the meaning after the hantavirus killed three of its members and two others were sick.

Within a few weeks, the father of Aldo Valle (61) and his daughters, Jéssica (30) and Loreley (32), died. He also attacked another Aldo's son, Sebastian Valle (27), who stayed at Esquel Hospital for 10 days, and Ninfa Avalos, 90, who is in recovery and good prognosis at the local hospital. .

Today, Sebastián, a nursing student, is grieving with inexplicable power. One blow after another in a fateful line separated him from the creature he loved most and was deeply connected with them.

On December 11, his father, Aldo, a municipal employee, died on December 23, his sister Loreley, an employee of the Acción Social community, on January 9, his sister Jessica, the caretaker of the school, 774. The previous day was a woman's birthday and spent her intensive care, which was nearing the end. He and his almost century old grandmother. "She is a woman of exceptional strength," says the young Clarine.

Everything seems to have begun when Aldo went on the 3rd of November to Lara Silvie Valle's 15th birthday in the Peumayen room and turned to the patient 0.

After Burial Loreley, Sebastian got exhausted in his house and put him on the bed. The next morning, December 24, he discovered he had a fever. For a few minutes, he thought this was an illusion, a psychological consequence of the survival of the chain of accidents. He checked on the thermometer only to check that something is very wrong. He had 38 temperatures, so the next was the case in the family.

"Because of the heat you want to do things, which makes you want to lie in bed and sleep, nothing else, but I went up and took it with medicines, but it worsened." inspires, every time my back hurts and I can not fill my lungs, "he explains.

Doctors have let him go and has no consequences of infection. "People here have a special character, which is why they continue, despite all of this, we must make sure that we are good for other families who suffer," he thinks.

During the conversation he occasionally watches the street and a green and narrow horizon stretching from his backyard. Release without the words that you are looking for something you can not find.

About 24 hours after departure, his sister Jéssica began to feel a sore throat. When the father and her other sister died and her brother recently recovered, the woman went to a hospital in Epuyén where she was diagnosed with angina. Routine tests were normal and in the blood tests they did not detect the irregularities presented by the infected, and are the first warning signal to be confirmed by the Malbrán Institute.

Sebastian shared a house at Calle Amancayu with his father Aldo, his mother and sister Jéssico. His relationship with Loreley was everyday, even though he lived on another estate. "We were very close, we were very kissed," says Sebastian, his voice whispering. "Nobody can be prepared for this, doctors say different things, I do not blame anyone, as if they were learning," she says.

On the day he was fired from the hospital, he went to the specialist in the health center to find out how he would be from then on. "I could go and nobody would tell me anything, I asked and told me that everything is fine and I can not get infected or infected by anyone, but I'm not sure, nor do I know that they know it," he adds. .

His house, like most houses in Epuyen, was built in a generous space. It is functional and without luxury items. Inside there are many and many objects belonging to those who once inhabited it. Rutina was the backdrop of the background of the Valle family. Jump out of bed early, go to work and learn. Chat with a cookie with a friend in between. Then kiss. I'll see you later. These same day actions led them to death, without knowing it when they switched the virus. "Now that I got up in the morning, they left," says Sebastian, and his gaze returns to the terrace and endlessly.

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