WhatsApp will protect you from gossips January 2019


WhatsApp will apply a fingerprint in its next update.

According to new reports, WhatsApp is preparing a new security update that will protect you from anyone who wants to view the conversations of your applications. The most striking option is the fingerprint, although there are other forms of authentication.

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The WABetaInfo Web site, known for information on WhatsAppu, has revealed that the application is working on its updates, and one of them is to improve security. For this, one of the solutions will be accessible with fingerprint.

Despite the fact that the fingerprint is expected to be fully open, and not just to protect conversations, this can also be done through passwords and PINs.

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While fingerprinting for Android users is expected to be developed for users of iOS WhasApp, a version that uses the TouchID and FaceID option. So you can finally become calm, because no one can browse your conversations without permission.

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