WhatsApp: How to plan automatic answers


You can perform the function from other apps available in the Google Play Store

WhatsApp does not have any of its various features that allow you to automatically respond to messages, such as for various e-mail services.

Before »Empty«different programmers saw the opportunity and created the software to perform this campaign that users require.

In store Google Play The most popular application is WhatsAuto.

This Android-only app asks you for a series of permissions to work normally.


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It should be noted that the program available in the official Google store must comply with the security parameters for protecting the user devices and the information they contain.

At first step, you need to configure "automatic answers" from "Text of the automatic answer"

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You can select a default or customized reply that will be sent to the sender of the message if you can not answer it or if you have written a word that you previously selected for an auto response.

In addition, it lets you choose which contacts to work with.


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