What will happen today with the dollar, when it will be strengthened again and approaching that band?


The ticket is separated from Unified and Free Stock Market (MULC), where the currency is reduced by 10 cents per $ 37.50when he touched the heights at the start of the bike at $ 37.70.

In the informal market, blue It works steadily $ 39.25according to a study by the media in the caves in the center of Buenos Aires. On the other hand, however 'counted with liquidity' Yesterday it only rose for pennies 37.51 $.

Let's remember that on Tuesday, the currency was closed for the first time in a wholesale segment, they raise almost 30 cents to $ 37.60above the area without intervention (yesterday at $ 37,307) which he established Central Bank from the last agreement with the EU. t IMF.

Thus, the monetary authorities did not need to intervene in the purchase of up to $ 50 million per day by issuing pesos, as was envisaged if the listing was below the lower band.

The operators explained that part of the demand in the wholesale trade from the banks in the last half-hour was up to the entry of the documents, which were published until Tuesday, according to the assessment of 4.75% of the TNA. It is that subjects had to buy dollars because they can no longer deposit the pesos at the reference rate of the EU BCRA (C.3500).

At the same time, The Central Bank sold USD 211,185 million (with a maturity of USD 216,930 million) of 7-day liquidity bills, with an average reduction rate of 58.80%. The highest achieved return was 59.14% and the minimum yield was 58.246%.

"The monetary authority left some pesos on the road (from the beginning of the year when it was absorbed), confirmed a lower rate (on Monday it ended 59.3%) and the dollar adjusted only a few cents above," said the analyst. Christian Buteler

Other markets

It's on the money market between banks Call money It worked on average by 54%. In exchange replacement, it was agreed that $ 152 million would be taken and / or be made in pesos using dollar purchases for Wednesday and Thursday.

V RofexUSD 555 million was contracted, of which more than 60% were agreed in January and February at $ 39 and USD 40.1990 with rates of 59.09% and 49.47% respectively.

Finally, reserves central bank US $ 82 million increased to $ 65.817 million Tuesday.


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