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Cleaning of furniture, t ventilating beds and blocking holes or cracks in the walls there are some measures recommended by health professionals to prevent the spread of Chagas since this week marks the International Day for the Fight against Illness.

Chagas is a disease caused by a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi, which can live in the blood and tissues of humans and animals and in the digestive tract of insects known as vinchucas, explained Valeria El Haj, medical director of Vittal.

Given that vinchuca is the main pathway to the Chagas disease, it is most important to avoid its existence in homes and their surroundings, said a specialist who carried out some preventive measures to take account of its eradication.

It's important often check houses and their surroundings, as kisses leave fecal stains on the walls, which are clearly recognizable.

El Haj also stressed that beds and beds should be ventilated; clean for furniture and objects hanging on the walls; as well as moving and viewing stacked objects as often as possible.

In addition, he advised to avoid animals (dogs, cats, pigs or chickens) who were burning in the house, mentioned the importance of building the hens and far away from the house, and recommended that cracks and holes in the walls and roofs be covered. surfaces.

Finally, in order to optimize controls for those living in endemic areas, they are asked if they find that they try to grab them with a glove while taking care not to crush them and transporting them in a pumpkin or pouch with the ventilation of the municipal authority . demand spraying of the house and enable analysis of the insect.

A recent example in Mendoza

An example of an 8-year-old girl who arrived in March in the Ugarteche medical center in Luján de Cuyo with visual eye swelling – known as Romagna syndrome – is one of Chagas's symptoms, seven brothers.

Children live in a precarious house in the rural area of ​​Carrizal del Medio, all under the care of their grandmother. As it was known, these are children who are in a very risky situation and are supported by various programs of the Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sport.

The situation was addressed in the care center where laboratory studies were carried out. In principle, the results determined whether Chagas was negative, but the sample was carried out in Infectology.

As they explained, the insect bite was bruised in the early days of March, but one of her relatives took her almost 10 days later.

The information was confirmed by the director of the Health Center 39 of this community, Gastón Bustos, who said that the girl was on 11 March and that her brothers had entered the sanitary operation on 14 January.

Chagas, all over the country

It is estimated that in Argentina at least one and a half million people of all ages infected with Chagas, a life-threatening parasitic disease caused by a kiss of kissing.

The statistics show that 40% of new cases are due to the transfer of mother to son.

However, less than 10% of the infected are diagnosed and receive some form of treatment, since the vast majority do not know their condition and the disease develops asymptomatically.

Poverty and poor living conditions, such as uncertain roofs, wall surfaces, support the presence of this insect, as well as the lack of control and preventive measures that the most neglected sector of the population has no access. lack of education.


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