Thursday , August 5 2021

"We have never seen such circling around the Sun": scientists explain the strange shape of the MU69 space body

Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Laboratory in Baltimore (Maryland, USA) have come to the conclusion that, with the observation of the new MU69 images of 2014, the farthest space body ever studied in the Kuiper Belt, their "lances" They are empty, as it was announced this Friday on its website.

"The largest loop, called" Ultima ", is more similar big pancakeand the smallest wedge, which has the nickname "Thule", is in the form crushed nut"explains a new publication that brings even more mystery to this ancient space object, since other similar objects-similar comets – are usually round." It would be more exact to say that its shape is more flat than a pancake, "said Alan Stern, who heads the mission of the New Horizons route that studies the MU69.

"New images are created." scientific puzzles about how an object of this nature could originate. We have never seen anything that would circulate around the sun, "says Stern. Scientists who believe that the MU69 has been frozen since the creation of the Sun System – about 4,000 million years ago – are convinced that as new Horizons they provide new images that they will continue to discover strange things they have not seen before.

On January 26, the New Horizons probe provided the most detailed picture to date, MU69, which features mysterious white spots and huge holes.

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