"We are altered but not damaged" Elisa Carrió …


After several days of silence, Pope Elisa Carrió reappeared and rediscovered with her partners in the Cambiemos alliance. During the federal congress of the State Coalition of the ARI, in which the official replacement of party parties was officially called, Carrió called for a "change from inside". "We are a change, but we are not corrupt, we are also changing them," said the leader among the activities carried out by Ezeiza in which he was elected Buenosaire's new Secretary General of the political power Maximiliano Ferraro, who replaced the deputy of the Province of Buenos Aires Maricel Etchecoin .

"We are not connected with the football mafia, we are against the financing of businesses to political parties, we defend the human rights of everybody and nonviolence," Carrió said, citing all his conflicts with the government. He added: "We will never become fascists and we will continue to be ecumenical and humanistic by the end of the day," insists critics of the new protocol on firearms, promoted by Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, who revealed the latest prisoner of the ruling coalition.

In addition, the Deputy reinforced his criticism and promptly informed the owner of the Embassy of the Embassy, ​​Emilia Monzio, who confirmed his position on Thursday, 4 December: "The political thread to reach agreements and laws to take the country forward." "A few days ago, I confirmed the Parliament as the site of a political issue. That day I opened the door to leave this place, which will be when I retire. Inside, the leaders of the National Coalition, who will never and will not be part of any topic, "shot Carrió and left the open question about his political future. "I'll be more distant from the accusations, but closer to you," he revealed later, and confirmed his willingness to monitor the re-election of Mauricio Macri in 2019.

According to Carrió's statements, the prestigious president of the party confirmed that "the root of the Civic Coalition must continue to monitor the fight of citizens who have fought against authoritarianism and the abuse of corruption" in the changes, and admitted that the state "goes through bad times" in which we need to "monitor our compatriot, who is not burdened today". "The change must be a cultural change, for which millions of Argentines voted," Ferraro said. On the other hand, Etchecoin – who will lead the Congress of the KZ – will ensure that the political space "decides to fight for the independence of the authorities and the fight against impunity".


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