Warning in Córdoba: rain in the capital, hail in Sierra


The rain returned to the countryside. After noon, it began raining in the capital of Cordoba, and there were heavy storms in the interior, and in some cases hail.

In Río Ceballos, hail dropped after the age of 13.

A sudden drop in temperature is expected on Thursday, which is not yet adequate.

The National Weather Service issued a brief notice and other weather warnings for Córdobo

The short-term notice applies to Calamuchita, Colón, Capital, Cruz del Eje, Ischilín, Minas, Pocho, Punilla, Río Primero, San Alberto, San Javier, Santa María, Totoral and Tulumba.


"The center and the northeast of Córdoba and south of Entre Ríos become part of the coverage area of ​​the alert due to strong storms." In the area of ​​coverage, rains and storms of varying intensities develop, some of which may reach intensity. strong monitoring of intense shocks, strong electrical activity, falling hail and a significant drop in water in short periods. Conditions of instability will remain at least until Thursday 10 with temporary improvements, "it was stated.

MIST In the early hours of Wednesday (La Voz) they covered the Cordovan route.


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