Video games returned to football Gabriel Batistuta and constellation legends – 15. 12. 2013


The football legends The world we find in video games is another way to stay in place. An example is the video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, which is a Japanese company, Konami, which announces the inclusion of the new glory of this sport from year to year. On this occasion, Gabriel Omar Batistuta was selected, one of the best strikers in the history of the Argentine team, who among many teams knew how to make his mark in Boca Juniors, Fiorentina and Rome.

The relationship between Batigol and video games continues in the 1990s, when it was still in football, just when the PES in Argentina is known as Winning Eleven.

With 49 years and since sport since 2005, Santa Fe has been grateful for this new opportunity and that new generations can return to see that they are active in court, even in a virtual way. "Inside, I am very pleased that I do not say anything My children see more or less what I thought about football"he said.

Recognized as one of the best attackers in the history of Argentina's national team and world football, Batistuta joins other actorsAmong those who are Diego Maradona and Javier Zanetti are, for example, MyClub mode, in which fans can build full numbers.

"I hope PES fans follow the same philosophy when they take me on the field and determine what makes this sport so wonderful," said Batistuta during a press conference given at Hilton on Friday. Puerto Madero

In addition to Batigol, Konami's video games have recently been added to other historical figures like Uruguay Diego Lugano, French Ludovic Giuly and Brazilians Denílson de Oliveiera Araújo and Rai Souza Viera de Oliveira. All are available as of December 6th as part of the update of the PES 2019 data packet 3.0 on consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Buenos Aires, the home of another PES league edition

According to the announcement of Batistut's inclusion in the video campaign Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, she moved to the competition venue of her traditional eSports tournament: PES Liga.

As has usually happened in recent years, the city of Buenos Aires has once again become a regional seat allows you to sort players from the mainland to the perfect world finals of video game. The best virtual football players met at the Hilton Hotel to compete in 3-way mode. 3 Cooperative (co-op) with teams from Brazil and Peru, on time.

After a tough battle, EligaSul Stars (Brazil) with Guilherme GuiFerra Fonseca in their setup succeeded in defeating Karmeados (Peru) 1-0, winning the PES World Cup qualification next year, even without a certified seat, although it all seems to this would be done in Europe.

Today will continue the virtual football PES 2019, but with the classic 1 against. 1, which marked the franchise since 2015, when the first edition of the PES League began. There will also be Argentines Reynaldo "Rey" Molina and Mauro "Millonario14-Ykz" Acosta will try to reach their way to the big finals of the world.


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