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Víctor Manzanares entered the program of protected witnesses – 02/12/2019


With the claim that I was worried about your safety, Excontador de Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, Víctor Manzanares, entered a program of protected witnesses on Tuesday, depending on the Ministry of Justice of the nation. Her custody is in charge of the Federal Criminal Police Special Force, which depends on Undersecretary Juan Mahiques.

In the next hours from the federal prison Ezeiza to a secret address and it will permanent detention.

Marriage counter Kirchner, Víctor Manzanares, was accepted into the program of protected witnesses.

Marriage counter Kirchner, Víctor Manzanares, was accepted into the program of protected witnesses.

Manzanares still waiting for Judge Claudia Bonadia to accept him as an accused colleague the reason for bribery notes. The money laundering process of the case, which explores the movement of $ 70 million in the United States, is trying to improve its situation before the judiciary and offer information in the role of "repentance".

Yesterday, his attorneys Alejandro Baldini and Rodrigo Herrera asked the court to allow the accountant to enter the program of protected witnesses, ensuring that after his confession to the prosecutor, Carlos Stornelli will be afraid of his physical integrity.

That's why a judge Bonadio watched the authorities responsible for the specific program in the orbit of the Ministry of Justice, and finally entered the protected witness system.

In its new state, Manzanares continues preventive detention not only in the case of Los Sauces SA (the property of the Kirchner family, which was investigated for money laundering), but in the case of Cuadernos de las Coimas added detention with detention.

In the framework of this documentation, Oscar Centeno, former former Roberto Baratta, was responsible for the writing of eight notebooks that led to the file, and José López, former secretary of public works who, after declaring her accused colleague into the same file, was asked to enter this program.

A part of this special program is also Leonardo Fariña, a financier who was charged with money laundering with Lázar Báez by the cause of K.

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Your statement

Former Accountant Cristina Kirchner announced last week for more than eleven hours that prosecutor Carlos Stornelli has provided details on the money laundering structure that explores the Kirchner family and Daniela Muñoza's environment. As he said Clarinreferences to family businesses that are the subject of other investigations that have identified money laundering operations involving the Kirchner family.

In both cases, Hotesur SA (the owner of the Alto Calafate Hotel) and Los Sauces SA, Manzanares was prosecuted for money laundering and in the latter investigation as a participant in an unlawful association.

The investigations claimed that "fictitious" companies simulating rentals and channeling part of the money Lazaro Báez received from public road works into this circle, with the ultimate goal of enriching Kirchner's heritage. This was fixed by judges Julián Ercolini (Hotesur) and Claudio Bonadio (Los Sauces).

The former Kirchner accountant also assured that when former President Néstor Kirchner died it was "so much" in relation to the activities investigated by the judiciary, in accordance with the sources of the cause caused by Clarín.

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Manzanares revealed, among other things, that former judge Norberto Oyarbide manipulated with key expertise to quickly close the file, where he had to investigate the illegal wealth of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner.

Among other things, the accountant, who was imprisoned since 2017, confirmed that Muñoz's secretary Kirchner had transferred cash sums to Santa Cruz, in a timely manner to the house of the former president's mother, who is located in Río Gallegos.

He wants to admit in Hotesur

After the passage through Stornelli's prosecution, Manzanares' defense started negotiations with prosecutor Gerard Pollicito to indict him as a co-worker in the Hotesur SA case where a hotel activity between the Kirchner family and Lázaro Báez was investigated.

It is almost possible to hear this case by Oral Judge Ercolini who, together with the prosecution, found that 80 million of these operations were washed.

The first meeting was not favorable, as the information provided by the accounting defense was not sufficient and did not provide significant contributions that were confirmed in the investigation, judicial sources said. Clarin.

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