VGG in action: Territorial approach to Pueblu Nuevo was completed


Regarding "VGG in Action", which is the center of Plaza Lisandro de la Torre, Salta and Av. Juan D. Perón, Mayor Alberto Ricci said: "In three days they were very positive activities, they talked with neighbors, they bring in cats, vaccinations, social development offices, ombudsmen, public services in the vicinity of them, and the renovation of this important market for the neighborhood. "

In return, he warned that "this is in common with neighbors and the changing of their quality of life. When planning" VGG in action ", we are already planning new neighborhoods."


Olga This is wonderful I saw how they repaired the market and I was happy. We needed it. There are many people who can not be mobilized, and thus have a way of regulating their position, no matter where they are. I never saw this in the neighborhood; I've been living here for 50 years and I have not seen it yet.

Luisa. We are very grateful for doing something very good; we can laugh and enjoy what they do. Along with everything I do, I really like the treatment of people.

Beatriz We are very glad of all our neighbors; They have never done anything similar before. I have a SUBA, there are vaccines, I have vaccinated my bitch. Everything is free, the guys who serve them are very friendly and there are offices of all kinds. Everything is very good. The square was fixed, they gave new games. We are very happy!


A mobile home was present at the Ministry of Health and the Environment, which worked so that neighbors could sterilize and vaccinate their dogs and cats; In addition, the population was vaccinated against antithetics, a triple virus (infections, rubella and mumps for people aged 13 months to 4 years), haemorrhagic fever and hepatitis B, and brochures provided information on the awareness and work of the municipality regarding environmental care.

The area of ​​social development then processed uniform civil and pension cards; while a stand for sex and childhood was installed; and advised them to be part of a craft fair that takes place on weekends at Plaza a la Madre. It is also important to note that members of the municipal inclusive nursery sold the seedlings they produce.

In cooperation with the Undersecretary for the supervision and coexistence of citizens, the Ministry of Public Works and Services carried out interventions for street cleaning and cleaning; removal of abandoned vehicles; pruning and escamonda.

The Culture and Sports areas provided data and will help neighbors to report on the activities of VGG in your neighborhood that take place in different neighborhood sectors.

The Citizen and Defensoría del Pueblo Móvil also assisted in the implementation of awareness-raising activities based on gender, family conflicts, violence against LGBTI, child abuse, sexual abuse, ill-treatment of the elderly and institutional violence.

While the fields of culture and sports have promoted recreational and educational activities taking place in the area.


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