Unusual disaster of Bethlehem Pouchan while her mother filmed – 08/01/2019


In the theater and on television Bethlehem Pouchan Surprised for his skill and courage when it comes to distorting the body. Including Marcelo Tinelli v ShowMatch He popularized it when asked to do some tricks live, surprised at his ability.

But the dancer failed, where she least expected: He had a car accident in Barcelona while he was walking with his mother. More, his mother recorded an episode … live!

There were huge Magi chairs, and when I saw them, I enjoyed the idea of ​​making a video and asking my mother to shoot me. I am, but when we left, I realized that I did not write, and we returned, but when I did it again, I did something different and hit my face at the chair", Said Belen to Cuidad.com.

"Everyone was very scared because it was seen I lost a lot of blood and I was conscious, but I shocked because I put a very strong shovel in my face. I was more alert than everyone around me, "he added.

Then the dancer told details of what happened: "My mom was paralyzed and I asked him to stay calm and ask for a phone so I could call my brother Santiago, who lives in Barcelona. Many people came to help and give us water, because I had three cuts in my nose, but fortunately I did not break the division. "

Belén shared the story in her networks and took her humor after scare.

Belén shared the story in her networks and took her humor after scare.

It was resolved first, and the hospital care lasted for about six hours. It was about two o'clock in the afternoon, and at nine o'clock in the evening I left with a release. Luckily I helped a passenger with a credit card because the accident cost me a lot, about 539 euros they would have refunded me, "he complained.

Bethlehem explained this gave him five points on his nose and although he knows that he will have a brand, he believes that he will not notice it because of aesthetic surgery that was done with him and with dermatological treatment.


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