Unbelievable pancakes without flour cooked by Jésica Cirio


Jésica Cirio uploaded a video showing step by step to make some pancakes without flour. His daughter Chloé, one year old, was also in the kitchen.

Chloé is the daughter of Jésica Cirio and Martín Insaurralde.

Jésica Cirio Every afternoon he had fun in the kitchen with his daughter. The model has a one-year-old daughter Chloé with her husband Martin Insaurralde. Since he was born, he does not stop uploading photos and videos with her, which shows his happiness to all his followers.

On this occasion, Jésica Cirio Cooking is pancake-free flour for Chloé. His daughter also worked in preparation. He placed the entire video of the recipe in his Instagram and wrote: "This is my house every morning. I'm trying to make Chloe pancakes. Sometimes I become perfect … sometimes not. "

You can see in the video Jésica Cirio making pancakes, laughing. He has also published the entire recipe so that all his followers can do it and recommend that he add fruit to him, giving him more taste.

Pancakes carry 1 egg and 1 or 2 whites, a spoonful of milk powder, vanilla extract, baking powder and a little coconut sugar.

Within a few hours, the video received thousands of hearts and received a lot of fans' comments. "I like to see you with a relaxed daughter, you enjoy a lot and look at everything you do. They are divine. Your daughter is beautiful, "wrote one user. Many others also asked him to load even more recipes style.

Gentle video by Jesica Cirio and her daughters Chloé: "Copiando a mamá haciendo …"


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