Ubisoft withdraws a homophobic insult in Division 2 and apologizes


Ubisoft next to Massive Entertainment, responsible for the recent Section 2. T for PC, PS4 in Xbox Onein recent hours, the subject of a new controversy; so much that the user found it homophobic message hidden as part of one of the many graffiti that can be found in the title stage, Washington DC. remove through the patch and apologize for this.

A sad word game

So the player from Division 2 looked police panel on the wall the size on the wall of the building on the stage of the game, the design that is inspired by the cover single A police story California groups Black Flag 1981 and replaces the original Simpsons-style Simpson-style pistol; everything is right here.

The problem is that the word "read on the police plaque"FA6607"As a code, the meaning of which means"fagot", A sad misfortune in Spanish which is very offensive.

The moment when Ubisoft got to know the matter, he quickly apologized with an official statement in which they regretted "that this image came to us in the review process of the content. We are striving to prevent this from happening in the future. "

So, thank you patch, released on April 11th on all platforms this unfortunate event was eliminated in addition to adding new content and correct other minor errors. remember this Section 2. T you get a new raid, Operation Dark Hour, April 25 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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