tricks of apps and web versions that you can not lose


If you are one of those who use WhatsApp or WhatsApp the whole day, these tricks solve many of the issues that will be presented to you daily.


Look at these 5 tricks WhatsApp in WhatsApp Web which you do not know and that will help you to make the most of the most used courier services.


Sometimes we need to get in touch with people who do not want to keep on the agenda, contacts that we will talk about only a few times in our lives. Many people think they will send a message WhatsApp, we store the phone number in the directory, no, we do not need to add a phone number to send the message to the person we will not talk to anymore.

To do this, just write the following in the address bar: If you want to replace X with the phone number to which you want to send the message, be sure to include a numeric code corresponding to the country, and without & # 39; + & # 39; that is before the prefix, only the number should be included in the address.

At the moment, the browser window opens by pressing the button. The app will open automatically WhatsApp with the number you have selected, and you can write the message without saving the number on the agenda.


To know what they just told us WhatsApp Web but without mentioning that we are active, the only thing we need to do is to show the cursor on the left column in the appropriate chat they were writing to us. Be careful, do not click, but a blueprint will appear and our contact will know that we are reading your message. What you need to do is to leave the mouse pointer over the window when a pop-up window appears with the full text of the last message that was sent to you.

Create your own account for sending American files

This is a good way to send files without wires or to limit weight Gmail

What we do is create a group of two people and return it to other members as soon as we have created the group. It's so simple. We recommend that you tell another person what you will do to avoid misunderstandings. We do this as follows. Let's go to our main screen WhatsApp and click on the three-point menu located in the top right corner of the screen. Come in "New group" and select the contact you want to add. When added, we call the group and we accept it. Then we click on the top bar where the name of the group appears and we are looking for another member. We press its name until a popup menu appears, where it can be deleted.

Send an audio without helping you

There are people who are not happy with sending a short audio recording and need a few minutes to tell you what they need to communicate. If you are one of these, you should know that it is a little annoying that you have to press your finger. To prevent this from happening, you must pull up when you see the lock icon. Then you can delete it or send it definitively.


If you do not want people who do not know you, take a look at your profile picture so you need to hide your photo WhatsApp to everyone you do not have on the agenda. In the 3-point menu, then click on "Settings" – "Account" – "Privacy" and last, "Picture Profile". Here you need to tell who can see your photo, if you are all, no one or just your contacts.

Can you restore deleted chats with WhatsApp? with these tricks Yes!


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