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Trains, buses and porteños, more expensive | Chronicle

After the celebration of Christmas, the national government announced an average 40% increase in train tickets and buses in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires in order to be effective from this Saturday in the first instance. On Friday, it was reported that the negative status of the SUBE card amounted to $ 39 to $ 54.

The new scheme for the suburbs of Capital and Buenos Aires was set up as follows: the collective ticket will be updated to January 15 in January, and from February 15 to USD 16.5, and from March 15th to $ 18.

For beneficiaries of the social rate covering 60% of users, an increase in the minimum total rate of 90 cents will be ($ 6.75). In the case of trains, the minimum price for the Miter, Sarmiento and San Martin lines will increase by $ 1.25, which will cost $ 10; in Roca, Belgrano Sur and Urquiza will raise 0.75 cents ($ 6.25) and Belgrano Norte will increase by $ 1, which will represent a minimum ticket of $ 5.75.

Access to the city

The average toll increase in Buenos Aires will be 33%. Private cars entering the Federal Capital from this Saturday through the western peak access will pay $ 65 instead of $ 50.

In the meantime, those who enter the city from the Buenos Aires province through northern access, depending on the affiliates, will also face an increase of between 15 and 20 dollars.

Those who enter through Debenedetti and Márquez must pay $ 60 instead of $ 45; at the same time as the Tigre branch increased from $ 50 to $ 65 and Pilar-Campana jumped from $ 55 to $ 75.

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