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Heavy storms hit the provinces of Corrientes, La Pampa and Chaco, and several neighbors had to evacuate and register, destroy, flood the streets and houses and serious floods. In Corrientes, Paso Los Libres, the mother and daughter drowned when they tried to cross the flooded bridge on the car.

Evacuated because of the strong weather in Corrientes

Due to a strong storm in Corrientes, and many places in the provincial interior, there have been falling trees, masts and electric lines, as well as damage to property in houses and cars and 30 people who have been evacuated to Curuzú Cuatiá.

The climatic phenomenon has recorded more than 130 millimeters of water drop, strong electric activity and wind gusts that have reached a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, explained the head of civil defense. Orlando Bertoni.

He also stressed that heavy rainfall in a couple of hours caused water drowning in large areas in the capital, especially in peripheral neighborhoods, where water still does not escape, unlike the area in the center of the city.

Bertoni reported that the wind is rocky "caused the fall of a large number of trees, branches and electric lines, and the electrical drive was cut into several urban settlements."

Regarding the location of the places which were raining heavily in a short period of time, the official said that they exceeded 100 millimeters and affected places, such as Curuzú Cuatiá, Concepción, Paso de los Libres, Santa Rosa and San Roque, among others

On the other hand, he mentioned that the situation in Curuzú Cuatiá was further complicated by the spill-over of four internal flows, "And some thirty people had to be evacuated," At the same time, he added that it is not excluded that the outlook will deteriorate in the coming hours.

He then warned that in the capital, water flows out of the city center, although the process is slower in the neighborhoods, but water is still in the houses and streets.

As regards assistance and work to free up flooded areas, Bertoni said "We work together with the municipalities and we are working to help affected families."

Lastly, the head of civil defense operations stressed that Corrientes is "continues under the meteorological warning". In this regard, he detailed the report of the National Meteorological Service: "rains and storms of varying intensities, some strong intensities, strong shocks, strong electrical activity, drops of hail and significantly abundant water fall in short periods".

Mother and daughter tried to cross the bridge and drown

Meanwhile, in the village of Corrientes in the city of Paso de Los Libres, a woman and her daughter died when the car in which the family moved moved tried to cross a bridge overwhelmed by the overflow of the stream and ended it in the waters in the middle of the road. intensively temporary.

The accident happened after 1.30 in the morning when the driver of Fiat Siena, in which his wife and two children also tried to cross the flooded bridge and ended up falling into a stream, according to the head of the police's institutional relations. provincial, Commissioner Sergio Aguilar.

"The vehicle hit the" La Despedida "stream with its four passengers and managed to leave the driver's cab, Jorge Maldonado (33) and her 11-year-old son, while in her wife, Lidia Fernández, and her seven-year-old daughter who lost her life, " explained the official.

To the extent that he explained that after the exit of a man and a boy in just a few minutes the car disappeared from the surface "and although they were looking for it, they found it only after four in the morning when the water began to fall". "A woman and a girl were without life in a vehicle"Aguilar said.

They found a body of a woman and a child in the vehicle.

On the other hand, the head of the police's institutional relations stated that the man was sent to a local hospital "in shock."

Finally, detailing that Maldonado moved with his family on the road on April 2 in the peripheral area of ​​the city of Paso de los Libres with the intention that a collector that crosses a stream and passes through a flooded bridge fell into the water and the tragedy took place.

In the case of an intervening case, the Second Commissariat of Paso de los Libres, a city located 370 kilometers south-east of the capital of the province.

Blasting the roofs and houses that flooded the storm in La Pampa

Storms, hail and wind intensity do not stop at La Pampa, and only 25 millimeters last night was enough to cause the fall of trees and the blasting of rooftops in Santa Rosa's neighborhoods, in addition to leaving the impassable streets, flooded houses and forcing the intervention of firefighters to evacuate three families from the north of the provincial capital.

As announced by the National Meteorological Service, La Pampa was involved in the possibility of electrical storms, with strong winds and hail, a climatic phenomenon that has been repeated over the past few days.

Only 25 millimeters fell last night. In some areas far from the capital, Pampas, there was a significant drop in the hail, but Santa Rosa arrived with a small hailstorm, and the neighbors were throttled by a wind blowing by the explosion of roofs in various neighborhoods. , the entry of water into many houses, the fall of the trees drawn by the wind, and the streets that were within a few minutes with a power failure in the middle of the city were impassable.

In addition, volunteer firefighters had to intervene to evacuate three families from the north of Santa Rosa, whose homes were completely flooded, so they decided to evacuate them.

Butaló fell part of the roof in the neighborhood of the city, and the roofs of four houses burst in Santa María de Las Pampas.

Last night, when the storm ended, several neighbors uploaded videos to social networks that show a catastrophe, which in a few minutes was caused by the storm and mostly wind, the streets that were completely flooded by rivers and houses.

The situation of "catastrophe" due to heavy rains in Chac

Mayor Resistencia, Jorge Capitanich, confirmed this Wednesday "We are facing a catastrophic situation" and that it was between 19 and 6 this morning "the most intense rain in the last 65 years", with 250 millimeters of water dropped "emergency water" in the city.

"Total precipitation was both for both quantity and short-term production", he warned the municipal leader and stressed that there are still "very affected areas, especially south of the city".

Capitanich said that "180 millimeters of water fell in 80 minutes" which covers the lower areas of the city, and the community maintains constant watch and directs attention to neighbors and families that need to be evacuated. In Resistance, 350 millimeters rained from the beginning of the year.

In the municipality of capital "Public passenger transport services and the collection of domestic waste are suspended due to flooding, which continues to exist in a large part of the city."

At least 90 families have been evacuated in recent hours, and Capitanich said that "they help them with food, clothes, blankets and other elements: we can accept and store about 3500 families."

The mayor said that the forecast of the National Meteorological Service (SMN) "It's deterrence" and he expected that on Wednesday and Thursday there would be even more rain.

"The situation is very complex due to the large amount of water that falls in such a short time", he confirmed and commented on this "We are working to provide direct help to families, providing basic elements and providing health services at evacuation points."


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