Torture and humiliation for convictions for sexual abuse in prison in Mendoza


Prisoner who encounters penalty of 5 years for sexual abuse in the Almafuerte prison, Mendoza humiliated and tortured his fellow prisoners, all of whom were placed in a pavilion of good behavior. In videos of aggression, which later became viral, it is seen how they are being forced to recognize their crimes. "I wanted to rape a teacher at school," he said, when he was beaten.

Although it was known in recent hours, the event took place on December 23rd. That day a 25-year-old prisoner came to one of the guards and told him that he was sexually assaulted for other prisoners. "If I do not take him out of prison, I'll take it in the drawerhis mother said Daily One.

The pictures show convicts dressed in women's clothes, which were imprisoned by other prisoners and forced them to dance "sensuously". In another video, he put a stick in his mouth with him. "How many causes do you have? Three? For violations?"You hear him ask one of the harassers, while others hit him on the head and forced him to look into the camera.

The victim has three causes of sexual abuse. The last example was a an attempt to misuse a teacher in one of the classes. In a shortened trial, he admitted that he surprised the woman in her back, covered her mouth and whispered to her ear: "Quiet." But he struggled with him and she managed to leave the classroom and ask for help.

My son suffers from mental disorders. He had a car accident where lost brain mass"He reminded his mother." He attributed this to the change in the behavior of his son. "It looks like it's 12, 13 years old"he kept it.

Eduardo Orellana, Director of Provincial Service, rejected the newspaper Ande that the prisoner has been violated and is provided with no injurious injuries. Anyway, to protect it, it was in the Maximum Protection module, where it remains isolated.


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