To renew DNI, passport and registration, you must update your vaccination certificate


A new single vaccine vaccine must be submitted for document renewal.

Yesterday in the senatorial chamber, he passed a law requiring the citizens of Argentina to submit a vaccination certificate on a daily basis in order to renew their identity card, passport and driver's records.

The project was supported by Deputy Tucuman Pablo Yedlin and will change
Law 22.909, which has been in force since 1983.

To date, the vaccination of children has been mandatory and the certificate must be entered in schools. Now the state will extend the obligation to adults, which must have all vaccines updated by age in order to be able to carry out these procedures.

The new law foresees the creation of a new document – the Single Vaccine Card (CUV), which will confirm the use of the vaccine. The same will be done by all agencies that can use vaccines: public and private hospitals and pharmacies.

The card will require the restoration of other documents, the processing of family allowances and medical examinations.

In addition, the new norm provides for the establishment of a new national register of the digitally vaccinated population, where there is evidence of all vaccines used.

The new framework also stipulates that parents, guardians or legal representatives will be responsible for the vaccination of their dependents and, in the event of failure to comply with this measure, "they shall create measures of an appropriate authority for the protection of jurisdiction intended to carry out vaccination from notification to compulsive vaccination."

There they will have greater control over those working in the field of health and laboratories, as they will have to update their vaccines on a regular basis.

The law also justifies the absence of work on the day you need to use the vaccine, with prior notice to the employer and the record.


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