Thursday , July 29 2021

To reduce debt, Telefónica is studying asset sales

It turned out that some assets would be sold out, such as data centers, and that a disinvestment operation could reach $ 1,000 million.

The company acknowledges the CNMV that, as part of its disinvestment policy,explores possible sales of some of their data centers ".

The option of disinvesting Telefónica into its data centers is re-emerging on the market. In November, Bloomberg announced that the Spanish telecommunications company is considering selling its data centers.

The US Agency then calculated the amount of a hypothetical sale of between $ 500 and $ 1,000 million on the basis of the assets included in it.

According to new news on this possible sale, Telefónica CNMV has sent an appropriate fact in which it acknowledges thatexplores possible sales of some of their data centers ".

The extent of the sale is not specified according to the company's statements, which explains CNMV that sales could "cause one or more transactions, for all as well as for some of those assets".

Telefónica frames this possible operation in "its portfolio management policy, based on a strategy of value creation and strategic positioning".

In recent weeks, Telefónica's sales policy aimed at reducing the Group's debt has come true through the sale of its assets in El Salvador and Guatemala by approximately € 570 million.

The market also expects the operator to complete an agreement in a short time on the sale of other assets in Central America, especially in Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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