Tini Stoessel spoke about the romance with Nacho Vialem: look what he said!


After the separation of the singer, rumors of a possible romance began to be heard. The first one that was marked as a new boy Tini Stoessel I was Nacho Viale. The news in the environment of the show was very upset and the media searched for the criterion and the word of the protagonists, but they have not been told so far.

We must not forget that the rumors of romance emerged from the suspicious coincidences that both of them had, both of which went to celebrate the New Year's Eve in Punta del Este and were seen in the Uruguay night in the same bowl, which is the cause of the suspicion in the means of the heart and provoked the surprise of the followers of the star.

nacho viale

As the version grew, Tini dared to talk and clear all doubts: "No, no, no (laughter) I'm recently single and very good Cort, I have a lot of love for Pepe (Barroso), but now I'm alone," she replied question: "Is there love?" Created by journalist Clarn, although the response of the artist did not persuade him and the experts continued with the questions.

Later, when he noticed that his statement was not clear, Stoessel was stronger: "It's a lie to get to know Nacho Viala," said the famous and left no doubt to ensure that he was single and had no relationship with Grand Diva del Trece, Mirtha Legrandom. On the other hand, a teenage girl explained the reasons for her separation with Blurry: Separate me. We decided to finish the relationship again with the love and respect that we always had. He always accompanied me with joy and knows that we will tell each other when we need him, the words of the magazine Tini Stoessel for the Gente Magazine.


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