Three "suspicious" cases of hantavirus have been confirmed in San Martín de los Andes


Three patients remain in the hospital on Thursday at Ramón Carrillo Hospital in San Martín de los Andes with "symptoms that are compatible with chantavirus," said the head of the IV Neuquén health zone, dr. Néstor Sáenz.

Through a statement that was published yesterday afternoon, Sáenz explained to patients that "the examination of cases that represent a compatible symptom and exposure to risks is part of the daily epidemiological monitoring."

"The purpose of this research is to provide an early diagnosis and include it in several possible diagnoses that can be attributed to the patient. This category is a step in diagnosis and does not confirm the presence of the disease," added the doctor.

He also stated that "the municipalities and institutions of the sanitary zones have drawn up tables for analyzing the situation in order to strengthen prevention and dissemination measures".

"Any novelty on this issue will be issued through the messages of this institution in order to avoid rumors, confusion of information and confusion of the community with regard to the current situation," said Sáenz, who has not yet submitted a health report.

Lastly, the official warned that "this region is an endemic area in view of the presence of hantavirus, because this is a natural environment of long-standing mice (a reservoir and only a rodent capable of transmitting the virus), so prevention must be continuous and lasting."


In the Chubut region of Andean, there were already nine deaths and 24 infected with a chantavirus, all of which were indigenous or directly linked to Epuyen, a region in the northwest of the province, near the border with Rio Negroom.


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