This will be the "body" of the Sun when he dies


In the final stage of its existence, after igniting all its nuclear energy, the stars slowly shrink and become white dwarfs. In the billions of years this scenario awaits the Sun.

Now, a new study by a group of British scientists has presented how the "body" will be the key stars of our planetary system. Astronomers at the University of Warwick analyzed more than 15,000 white dots Milky Way with the help of Gaia satellite from the European Space Agency.

Experts have found that the stars do not fit and simply cool down until they become a white dwarf, but also they change its structure and crystallize. Even in billions of years our sun will be a a ball of cold glass, according to discovery.

"All white dwarfs will once crystallize in their evolution," said lead author of the study, astrophysicist at Warwick University Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay. "This means that billions of white dots in our galaxy have already completed the process and are basically Crystal balls in the skyadds.

Tremblay says the study provides "the first direct evidence that white dwarfs are crystallized."

If your team's findings are confirmed, it can lead to this new age estimate many white dwarfs, which may actually be much older than previously thought, since the white dwarf crystallization process could slow down the cooling of the star for up to 2 billion years.


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