This is why we should massage our feet before going to bed


Who would not want to receive a day massage? It seems to be a luxury, but for massage your feet you do not have to do pirouette and you have to look at it, especially if you succeed before sleep!

Reason? The nerve endings of the feet (which are about 15 thousand) They are related to different parts of your bodyWell, then It stimulates them with massage, it brings various benefits to your health.

As far as massage is concerned, it is ideal for you to be in one of them techniques that have gained great popularity due to their healing effect: reflexology.

The Reflexology is a massage or stimulation of the key points of the feet which are associated with certain parts of the body, against certain fractures, which prefers in particular blood circulation.

Different experts recommend the use of reflexology for the treatment of certain diseases, such as migraine, joint pain, gastrointestinal disordersamong others.

If you're still unsure, check The benefits of massaging your feet before bedtime:

– It reduces the possibility of getting sick Strengthen your immune system

Fighting stress

Avoid acne

Reduces the risk of cramping

– Injected energy

How are you? For massage of feet before bedtime you can do this using parameters of reflexology, to promote the specific points you need according to your illness, or for doing as you do massage any other part of the body with your fingertips.

You can use essential oils and play relaxing background music.

Massage your legs at bedtime it will help you have your health 10 and you will burn like a baby, Combo! Check it out from today.


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