This is the best application you can download if you have the Samsung Galaxy S10


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Since the arrival of terminals, such as Essential Phone or iPhone X, the mobile telephony panorama has been full in 2017 commas all shapes and sizes, sliding systems and holes on the screen. Samsung Galaxy S10, which is the most indirect terminal we take from the year, is one of the exponents of this latest trend.

You may not like it too much, but when we do not use the front camera, there is a hole on the Galaxy S10 this is still part of a panel that we do not use. However, this may change thanks to its simple use.

A new gadget for the Samsung Galaxy S10 hole

There is no doubt that the new star of Samsung contributes with impressive specifications and original features that separate it from the rest. Nevertheless, there is a component that seems extremely basic, of which S10 can not boast, Information LED.

Holey Light, developed by the people of XDA developers, removes the problem. The application will help you to take advantage of the rounded notch where the front camera of the Korean device is located, use it as a notification LED.

As you can see in a video posted by his creator, the scope of the hole will shed light and inform you of any notification, it's not important whether the screen is on, off or if the phone is charging. However, they did not manage to work on a locked screen.

In any case, it's good to take full advantage of one of the biggest signs of the new Samsung terminal. Keep this in mind, if you do not have one of the Galaxy S10 versions, you will not be able to use this app.

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