they took computers and manipulated with the Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata server


Today criminals have entered the main offices of the Front Renovador in Buenos Aires. Crimes are affected by the strategic and sensitive areas of Sergia Massa, one of the main presidential candidates.

Campaign leader Diego Bossio reported that the complaint was based on the municipality of 2A, at the police station 17, and the case was taken over by the national criminal and criminal prosecutor no. 62, for which Dr. Alejandro Yapur.

In this regard, Bossio said: "In addition to all political incriminations, we ask the justice and the government to investigate, because this is a serious fact."

Bossio reported that among the stolen Macs in the field of design and image, another notebook in the field of social networks and a notebook over the personal secretary Sergia Massa. They also condemned "manipulating the server's server area in general" and "accessing a private Massa computer". "All the strategic elements of the Front Renovador, the national pre-campaign components," concluded.


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