Sunday , August 1 2021

They shot a bus driver in Moreno, and seven lines cut off the service

A bus driver I was shot near the station Moreno. That's what caused it seven lines have abolished their services.

Around 10, motorized criminals A 37-year-old man would shoot a rifle in an attempt to steal. One shot hit him in the head and the other in his shoulder.

The man was immediately transferred to Mariano and Luciano de la Vega. It's lucky danger.

What happened was that the lines stopped 501, 311, 312, 329, 288, 422 and 500. Delegates of the guild meet to see what measures need to be taken in this new case of uncertainty in the area.

Transshipment Center in Moreno.
Transshipment center in Moreno.

Last week the service was stopped eight bus lines per a violent attack This also happened at the peak Moreno.

As part of the theft, two thieves took things of all passengers, hit the rider with a rifle rifle and he was shot three times. According to one of the delegates, not only "they did not kill him accidentally," but this is about it "everyday" situation.

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