They saw traces in the missionary jungle, followed the paths, and the discovery was surprising


April 13, 2019

The discovery took place on a kilometer of 1905 on the Paraná River after discovering a long route with prints in one of the most inaccessible places in the country.

missionary imprint of the jungle
The discovery was given to the altera in 1905 kilometers of the Paraná River

The prefectural forces were unusual discovery. It all started when they saw the boat from the path that they started to track and find 1800 marijuana plantations hidden in the missionary jungle, one of the most inaccessible places in the country.

The finding was close to the city of Puerto Iguazú, on the kilometer of the 1905 Parane River. The huge plantations were at the top of the hill and after a strenuous operation, the agents managed to close the plants at different heights of the mountain.

Now the federal court of Eldorado, responsible for dr. Miguel Guerrero, find out who were responsible for plantations and how it worked.

Because the site is difficult to access, it points to a range that is very ready to work in the area, with great planting and distribution capacity.

It should be noted that this operation was not the only blow to the illicit drug trafficking provided by the security forces. In fact, the national gendarmerie was abducting more than at the same time 94 kilograms of marijuana that were transported in a truck on national road 228 between Balcarce and Tres Arroyos.

According to certified official sources, the truck circled at a distance of 125 RN 228, where gendarmerie troops controlled the vehicle.

It all started when it was The driver tried to avoid the city, but he and his companion were arrested after persecuting the security forces with the help of another patrol, which in the north was accessed to the city of Tres Arroyos.

The group that wanted to enter Argentina had 4,000 kilograms of marijuana

When checking the vehicle, Balcarce safety water security personnel found hidden in the trunk 165 rectangular packs containing marijuana with a total weight of 94,128 kilograms.

Cash, mobile phone, four tokens and documentation interesting for the cause were seized.


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