Thursday , July 29 2021

They reveal that self-help reduces stress

Perhaps they ever said this to you (or thought) You are more demanding with you than with other people. This feeling is difficult to handle, because it's hard to adjust. If you identify yourself in these lines, this survey is for you.

This was found by a group of scientists from universities in Exeter and Oxford (United Kingdom) we have to be better with ourselves. There is no more than justified reason for this: this act has a positive effect on physical and mental health.

In order to study it, experts were recruited by 135 healthy students and divided into five groups, each with different instructions. Then they asked some questions and measured the physical parameters. They found it to be participants who were asked for benevolence with themselves said that they felt more self-pity and connections with others. His response to the body also coincided with a sense of relaxation and safety, while sweating was less.

A those who had to listen to their critical voice were not so good: his heartbeat speeded up and dried up. Both symptoms correspond to a sense of risk and stress.

"These studies show that it is good to avoid a threatening response and put the body in a safety and relaxation, which is essential for the treatment", Said Hans Kirschner, chief author of the article published in a scientific journal Clinical psychological science.

The authors explained that the work will help to understand this mechanism and how it can be useful in psychological treatment. "We hope future research will use these findings use them for people with problems, such as chronic depressionThey added.

In this regard, Willem Kuyken, co-author of the article, concluded: "I think that for people who are prone to depression, dealing with negative thoughts and feelings of compassion causes a change in the axis: it shows that there are no facts ".

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