They offer $ 100,000 to those who stop using mobile phones for one year


The Vitaminwater beverage company offers $ 100,000 to those who stop using their cell phone for a year. Three hundred sixty days without looking at the smartphone screen.

In order to check whether this is true, the competitor will be subjected to a polygraph test, a kind of detector to a lie. If you download it, your money will be yours, but before you have to pre-select it.

According to Infobae, you can participate in a United States residents competition by posting a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the #nophoneforayear and #contest hashtags and commenting on what they would do with all the free time they would have to stop using the phone.

If selected, you can not use your smartphone for an entire year. Not any other. Do not call one or call or send a text message. However, the company offers an old phone to receive and receive calls only.

According to Vitaminwater, "you can not even cough, get around, or be physically attached to anyone else's smartphone." For those people who could not reach 12 months, but managed to spend at least six, you get a $ 10,000 prize.


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