They entered the shelter of street animals and released 120 dogs: seven died in battle – 08/01/2019


A group of people entered the property to protect the abandoned animals in the district of Buenos Aires Chivilcoy and released 120 dogs, who fought each other and left the tragic balance seven dead dogs and more injured, among others lost.

Cintia Satriano, coordinator of the Food, Zoonosis and Environment Directorate (CAZMA), explained in a statement to Télém that the event occurred at dawn in NGOs.Chivilcotas"located at the Avenida de los Fundadores 1526, where dogs are found in street situations and then handed over to them for adoption.

"They obviously entered the early morning hours when they broke the door." Today, around 7, the members of the institution came to a place and found that everything was chaos: dogs containing 120 dogs that were housed there were open, including seven animals killed and bite among them, and many others were injured, "he said.

"The pictures are creepy. We do not know who could do such a thing. The police are collecting data, but this is a remote city, close to the road 30, where there are not many people, "he said and emphasized that a search job is being conducted six dogs still missing.

Satriano said that people who entered this place did not remove any element, but that just released animals He added that some neighbors said that on the motorcycle yesterday they saw two young people who were "holding back".

The municipality said that the municipality has arranged for two veterinarians to work in order to treat four dogs in serious condition, as well as those who were injured due to the disease.

The case has created a strong impact on social networks, where several users have expressed their anger and the desire to find the culprits.


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