They Ensure Fuel Will Continue to Boost: Reasons – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


The price reductions for the public that Axión and Shell used in recent days you should not be too enthusiastic about consumers. The criterion of oil companies will not be prolonged over time, as this is mainly explained by reducing sales and moving consumers to YPF stations because they have lower prices.

For the near future It is expected that the fuel in Argentina will continue to increase, in addition to the fact that international oil prices maintain a downward trend.

This collapse will not be reflected in local fuel prices. In the near future, the Energy Secretariat still needs to fix the price of biofuels for November, as 10% of diesel is biodiesel, and 12% of gas is ethanol. Once the resolutions go out, the new values ​​will be retroactive until the 1st of this month, for which the impact on prices will be greater than what would have been caused by the move from the beginning, is published by Ámbito.

On the other hand, since December 1st, taxes on fuel have been updated to reflect the consumer price index, as happened on June 1 and September 1. In the case of diesel, it would be an increase of 2%, while for petrol it would have reached 2,7%.

In addition, due to market deregulation, oil companies want the products to be free from and without a lien, which are located in accordance with the import parity of each fuel, but not crude oil. They also want to restore what they did not earn during the year in the months when domestic prices were not located in the import petrol and diesel fuel parity.

Although oil companies say they are practically at the desired level, It also plays the role of domestic inflation, such as electricity tariffs or maintenance charges.


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