There was another kit in the kit


Killer whales can be modern "wolfs of the sea," but 35 million years ago the 15-meter ancient Basilosaurus kit was eliminated from the title.

Scientists who studied the skeletal remains of the extinct predator found that one of his favorite meals is actually another whale.

The remains were discovered in the so-called Whale Valley in Cairo, Egypt, which was a shallow sea in the late Eocene period.

The most revealing was the content of the whale's stomach, where scientists found shark and large bone fish residues, especially the Dorudon atrox bones, a smaller type of ancient whale.

Scientists have discovered bite foxes on prey crannies, which means that the monstrous shark attacked her meals with her head and hunted her prey live.

A study published in the PLOS ONE magazine compares the ancient monster with a modern killer whale or ork, which is often fed with small whales and humpback calves calves.

Scientists believe that the shallow sea in Cairo may be the place where small whales were born, making it the first-rate hunting ground for the ancient predator.


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