"There are possibilities to sign for Real Madrid"


Exequiel Palacios, midfielder River, said in a conversation with ESPN, he said that "there are opportunities" for signing Real Madrid in the coming days. "It's hard not to be aware of everything they say on social networks, to talk about Real Madrid, I try to be calm in my head and enjoy every day," said Palacios from Uruguay. Millionaire preseason.

"We start thinking and starting to think about the big club, which is Real Madrid, and that there are opportunities to be able to go there," added the 20-year-old Tucumán.

Palaces He also acknowledged that the signature could happen soon, but he assured that for now, his "head" is in the river. "My friends from the river ask me to stay here, my family will respect my decision, always accompany me," he said.

He also mentioned the end Pokal Libertadores That's the team Group He won Mouth in Madrid, and said that it will be a game and an address that will "fans remember their entire life". "I'm lucky I could be in this game and stay in the story," he concluded.

It should be noted that the string is Marcelo Gallardo Preseason performs in Punta del Este, where he will play a friendly match against Nationale on January 15. The Millionaire four days later, defending the Argentine football league game before defense and justice. At the local tournament, River Eleven with 19 points, up to 17 leading Racing Club, who played four more matches.


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