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Thelma Fardín acknowledged: "I did not pay rent this month"


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February 28, 2019

The actress, who criminally condemned Juana Darthes, gave an extensive interview for a well-known magazine.

Thelma Fardín acknowledged:

Thlema Fardín had a significant impact on the complaint against the participant Juan Darthéswho criminalized rape. From her testimony, a young woman created to relax a wave that led to countless examples of abuse.

In an interview he did for the magazine OHLALÁ!, Garden He referred to everything that happened after he published it with the collective Argentine actresses, the accusation of a man with whom he shared a role in the youth belt "Ugly duck".

"At this moment, I take responsibility for my role." I take responsibility, "it sounds like it teaches me, but it does not weigh anymore. I found a balance, I do not feel alone on my back because they constantly monitor, counsel and ask me., said the artist.

In addition, he added: "This move was not created with the desire to punish, it was not "okay if I reach a penalty". I want my example example to set a precedent: out of 1,000 cases that happened, only 100 are reported, and only 1 or 2 are convicted. ".

Fernando Burlando revealed the true motive that led him to defend Juan Darthes

Given your current economic situation, Thelma Garden explained his situation: "There is a fantasy that my million followers on Instagram have a million pesos or bucks on my account. Let's see … I did not pay rent this month. This is already being solved, not tomorrow, but my role includes many other situations: who supports me emotionally, who gives me money in these two months, that I can not work because … Are you going to hire an actress ?.

It should be noted that in the same graphic interview, the actress revealed what she told her sister before she used Justice for reporting Darthés.

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