The woman was taken with tuberculosis


In the case of tuberculosis found in unit 13 of the Department of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health, they confirmed the favorable development of the affected person and pointed out the extent, symptoms and ways of preventing the disease.

Tuberculosis, which is considered a contagious disease, can affect every part of the body, usually in the lungs. It is often produced and produced about 10 thousand cases per year in the country. In La Pampa there are between 40 and 50 cases annually.

It is mandatory to report it and every time a diagnosis is made, the medical practitioner must inform the provincial health authority about this.

Symptoms are cough and cats for more than 15 days, fever, sweating and weight loss may occur. The infection is a consequence of the respiratory tract and requires contact several hours a day. Diagnostic studies are available throughout the province, and treatment is completely free for patients and their contacts.

The head of the tuberculosis program at the Epidemiology Directorate, Patricia Estrella, on this issue in Alejandra Corral and Claudia Avagnale.

Estrella confirmed that this is yet another example. "We are working in an articulated manner with the institution. We went to talk with the staff, gave us studies on patient contacts that are already in the treatment and are in good shape. We supervise the treatment, we study articulation with those who have more than four hours a day. you can isolate the contacts of a sick person, you can go to work, "he explained.

The so-called "controlled treatment" has been in use in the province for several years and means that the patient must go to a health center belonging to the public health system every day to take medicines from staff. Controlled treatment for the patient and for those who are considered to be involved in this type of treatment acts as a strict control mechanism that helps to reduce the transmission chain.

The person responsible for the tuberculosis program has stated that it is a disease that everyone can get and not get sick at the moment, "but later it gets sick when the immune system is not optimal," he said.


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