The video shows the operation of W.A.L.T. Apple, introduced in 1993, was the "grandfather" of the current smartphones


WALT from the Apple Grandpa smartphone

Before the arrival of phones with state-of-the-art processors, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Huawei P30, and long before the mobile devices had more than four cameras, "smartphones" already existed, although they were a lot different than we imagine.

One of the first smartphones or smartphones that started to produce was Wizzy Active Lifestyle Phone from Apple, better known as W.A.L.T. Presented in 1993 during an Apple event in Boston, W.A.L.T. Unfortunately, it was never sold to the public, although this does not mean that some prototypes lasted over time.

Today, as we can see in a video released by Sonny Dickinson, it's one of the "filtering" information about Apple and its iPhone; considered the grandfather of a smart phone was a very interesting product for the time.

That was W.A.L.T., the grandfather of smartphones

As our Engadget colleagues say, W.A.L.T. He had the look of the table, but with phone and fax features. The video shows us how W.A.L.T., touch screen terminal, calendar, flame identification and stylus works.

EL W.A.L.T. I had the recognition of writing, accessing bank accounts and even personalizing ring tones, something, although it may seem to us that in 2019 it is normal, then it was a novelty. Available in white and gray.

Телефон W.A.L.T. Apple was designed for a business area where everyone in their offices had a fax machine – although typewriters still have their place and although it seems that we are a very rudimentary device compared to the one that exists today on the market or with Apple's own Apple products , like the new iPhone, we must not forget that this is a device in 1993, so it is clear that for a time the technological revolution.

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