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The terrible theory of the prosecutor about the end of the French backpacker disappeared in Salta – 01/12/2012

The three brothers Juan, Froilán and Rosa Cuevas lived alone in the Huacaloma area, in the Iruya section. Almost uninhabited area, one of the most negligent in Salta. There are mountain trails there are very dangerous, they do not allow the passage of vehicles and wild animals that attack those who walk and bite their horse's legs. For the rumors that were located in the city of Las Varas – near Huacalom – to which caves came to buy the pure alcohol they had drunk, two men are considered a place less than "monsters".

This is a story that was repeated in the area that Juan Cuevas, 42, ten years ago He killed his son-in-law with a stab and threw him into a grappa. Salt's right now is investigating whether this murder existed. Froilán Cuevas, 39, was imprisoned, charged with the murder of another man. But he was not convicted. Rosa, the victim of both violence, was the one who issued the new crime on December 18, 2018.

Facebook campaign relatives Mathieu Martina to find traces.

Facebook campaign relatives Mathieu Martina to find traces.

"Ask them what they did with the French", he said to the cops. He talked about Mathieu Martin, the traveler disappeared from August. During his journey, Martin's family traveled to Argentina twice from Aussonne, near the city of Toulouse, which included dogs and drones.

Juan and Froilán Cuevas are in custody, accused of murdering Mathieu Martine. The fatigue has not yet been fully proven, but the "mystery of the North" – as the French media called it – will soon be solved: t although the body has never been found.

It is that the brothers Cuevas – according to "chronic alcoholics" and "very violent" skills – at first glance before the Salta police admitted that they had killed a French tourist. Then, according to the advice of the lawyer, the state prosecutor's office of this province denied everything. They even produced a report on "illegal restrictions" that they would use to declare themselves guilty.

Mathieu would have attacked when he slept.

Mathieu would have attacked when he slept.

Nevertheless, the criminal prosecutor of 4 units for serious attacks on people, Ramiro Ossorio, says Clarin this will prove that the brothers were killed by a backpack. And how they did it. Although his body "will never be found," he said.

After 70 days of unsuccessful tracking and following the testimony of Rosa Cuevas in the search trained dogs have been replaced to find those who smell the bodies.

"On Monday, dogs were marking the mud trails at places that are inaccessible, marked by the end of the slope of the hill, then it is abyss, which may mean that it was thrown into the grappa or is likely to be buried at a depth of five meters. the area of ​​the hills is poor, with the geologist who accompanied us because it was found that the machine could not be lowered and a manual digestion test was performed, and it was also not feasible, which would endanger life, describes the prosecutor.

How to build a "simple murder" without charges against Cuevas brothers? How do you know who killed him or was killed together?

The Frenchman did not use GPS for his journey, which he described in detail to his family in France and on Facebook. It was discussed with the question of how to get to every place. When he disappeared, he went to the Isla de Cañas area (on the eastern slopes of the Sierra de Santa Victoria, 307 km from the capital of Salta). Walking from the last known location would take three days. He never came. According to the prosecutor's office, "by mistake" he found the dangerous road for his human inhabitants. "If in the worst case it was attacked by an animal, If they ate it, their stuff would be there. Mathieu had a backpack of more than one meter..

In the house of Cuevas there was a lamp, a knife and a rucksack, hidden under stones. Also traces burn out of other things. "Witnesses saw the brothers who created great bonfires at night," says Ossorio, who believes that burnt cloths that had not yet been analyzed were from French.

It is clear that the body was not burned.he says.

What would be the murder? At the beginning of the search, Juan Cuevas said he had never seen a French backpacker. Then he said that he saw him "passed by", "asked for the way," and described it perfectly. Froilan told the police that his brother had thrown Mathieu into the neck and threw him into the grapes.. "He was not there." Juan did not accuse his brother. The same, according to Ossorio, are both murderers. One "per action" and another "default".

"Froilán has a very important motor disorder, can not move half of his body, making it impossible to gain power from Mathieu, a strong and powerful man who stabbed him and threw him or buried him, and Froilán was present, Nothing did , in order to avoid him and take advantage of the murder during the robbery, both of them shared their belongings, "says the prosecutor. It is estimated that he was attacked at night, "like a jackal" while he slept.

Juan's background includes the cause of "minor injuries" against Froilán. Rosa never gave up on him. So far, he claimed he was threatened not to talk about the crime. The prosecutor considers that the woman was not at the time of the murder.

The Cuevas brothers are in pre-emptive detention. Rosa says she does not know where Mathieu's body is. It continues on that unhealthy place, from December to the time when a helicopter that moves researchers appears.

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