The Senator from La Cámpora was charged with sexual abuse and resigned from the bank


Jorge Romero, a senator from Buenos Aires from Unidad Ciudadana-Frente para la Victoria, after receiving a public charge of sexual abuse, He gave his "political responsibility".

Romero, the former councilor Florencio Varel and a member of the La Campora Group, published a text on his Facebook profile explaining his decision.

"I am a man raised in a patriarchal society, and I am also a political activist with powers, from this place and, in view of the work of visibility, that my colleagues from the organization where I played, I see that in the past I had sexist practices that at the moment seemed natural. That is why I have decided to withdraw from my political responsibility to report processes established using the protocol that the organization has created in these cases, "Romero wrote.

The decision of the senate, named "The madman", came about following the termination of social networks "Teff Solange", a former member of La Cámpora, who said that Romero locked her in the bathroom during a party, showed her her penis and forced her to do oral sex.

"La Cámpora hide, hide, and continue to hide to these abusers, until we stop silent, "the victim wrote.

Teresa García, chairman of the Unidad Ciudadana-FPV blocks in the Senate of Buenos Aires, explained Infobae that Romero has not yet approached his bank's resignation, although it is presumed he will do so. "I found Facebook on Facebook this morning and found it in the middle of the afternoon, this is a very sensitive issue, I told him that I want to meet on Monday morning" explained the senator.

"LOCO ROMERO grabbed me and locked me in the bathroom with him so you can not leave me. He stretches his pants, pulls his cock and starts asking me to give him oral sex. I refused him a number of times and asked him to let me go. I came to promise that he opened the door for another day, hit the walls and the door for someone who would open. Nobody helped me. He did not force me to have oral sex, but he insisted and did not leave me out of the bathroom. I was desperate, "the woman condemned.


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