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The sad demand of a billionaire who, after 20 years of education, 3 children, learned that his life was infertile


A man who was deceived by his ex-wife that he was the father of three children now young adults He asked British television to reconcile with those whom he considers to be his children after two of them have interrupted his relationship with him.

A Richard Mason, 55, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, hereditary disease, which in her case caused infertility. Doctors told him that it was impossible to have children.

Mason, a British billionaire, sued his ex-wife for $ 318,000. According to the English media, his intention is to recover a part of the nearly $ 5 million that the former left after divorce.

Only one of his children, Ed, 19, is still in contact with him. On the other hand, Joel, also 19-year-old, Ed-brother twins and 23-year-old Willem, cut all kinds of relations with Mason because he sued his mother.

In conversation with Daily Mail, Joel said that despite the difficult relationship he has with Mr Mason, he still thinks he is his real father and that he has no interest in knowing who his biological father is..

During an interview on English television, Mason moved, almost to tears. "Guys, I did not do anything wrong. I love them and the doors will always be open"

"I prepared a teapot, a beer, just come, I'll give them the biggest hugs I've ever received. Let's sail together, let's get ready, let's get back in the way we used to be. And talk to your mother, tell her not to stop crazy, "he added.

During the conversation, Mason said that the moment he realized that he was not the father of his children, just as he would hit him with a hammer.

"It was as if the world around me had run," he said.

The DNA test confirmed that it was not the biological father of his children. Mason separated himself from his ex-wife Kate in 2007. When she found out she was infertile and confronted her, she admitted that she was unfaithful.

But Mason, after learning about this, continued to believe that his children were. "These are my children. Suddenly he feels betrayed, he feels a sense of anger that can not be explained. But I'm still a fatherhe said.

Asked whether he regrets the lawsuit, his ex-girlfriend said: "The twins are 19 years old and the oldest are 23. 23. I started legal proceedings when they were already adults"

"They are smart kids, they are well-educated, they know what is right and wrong," he added.

Joel said he did not approve of his father's manipulative behavior.

"In recent years, I did not talk to him about his behavior. He is a very manipulative man, not the person with whom you want to be. I started to watch when I was 15 years oldhe said.

Joel admitted that he was not hurt if he learned that Mason was not his father. "I did not feel anything. I never worried because we were already big and he and my mom were separatedhe finished.

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