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The richest man in the world against the most powerful

Fight titanium with an emigrant in the middle. Jeff Bezos, creator of the Amazon and owner Washington Post (WP), he faces David Pecker, editor of the tabloid magazine National Enquirer in "the funeral man" of several compromise stories for President Donald Trump. In recent months, Pecker has published a series of divorce annotations and a new partner, Bezos, and many in the United States, who believe that this is in fact a the reputation of his friend Trumpa for the many remarks he has made WP about more than 5,000 lies launched by magnate since he came to the White House and his possible re-election.

The scandal broke out when Bezos released a statement last Thursday accuses Pecker of attempting to force him into publishing private messages who replaced him with his mistress. Bezos, the richest man in the world with $ 130,000 millionHe made this allegation in a long online message revealing messages sent by lawyers and editors of American Media, a company owned by Pecker. "Before surrender to extortion and extortion, I decided to publish exactly what they sent me, despite the threat posed by personal costs and embarrassments in some of the described situations," he wrote.

According to the New York Post, Bezos, 55, He decided to apply for a divorce from his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, as soon as he knew Enquirer I would post photos with Lauren Sanchez, a journalist and pilot of a helicopter five years younger than him and a series of emails that include explicit sex messages. Sánchez was the host Channel 11 from Los Angeles, and is still married to another man, Patrick Whitesell, who represents actors such as Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Kevin Costner and Hugh Jackman. Bezos and Sanchez were seen together at a party organized by Amazon after the gala gamma Golden Globes.

Those who had information and photos were journalists Enquirer and a group of lawyers who work for the Pecker editor and She called Bezos to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to stop the publication. This strategy is what Pecker always used and this He also served to rescue Trump from his scandals. Both have been friends for decades. According to a federal investigation into the irregular financing of the presidential campaign in 2016, Pecker assisted the then candidate with the purchase and filing of several compromise records. Publication got the story of Karen McDougall solely, the Playboy model, which had an affair with Trump, which are never published. The tactic is known in Washington's journalistic environment ascatch and kill"Hunt and kill the bull in exchange for a favor or a large sum of money." The model charged $ 150,000 to tell her the relationship with the tycoon and the scandal did not come to light until she filed a lawsuit in court.

Another story that Enquirer in the safe was arranged as a porn actress Stormy Daniels. All these operations were co-ordinated by Pecker and Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, who are persecuted for falsely addressing these issues to the US Congress Committee. When Pecker took part in the investigation, he decided to cooperate with the Office in exchange for immunity.

Bezos says in his statement that all this controversy has political motives. "It's inevitable that some of the strong people it covers. T Washington Post I mistakenly conclude that I am an enemy. The president is one of those people, as is evident from his many tweets Publication and its owner.

Above all, he is very upset when the newspaper publishes a regular count of lies or "false statements" that he issues. "In the first seven months of 2018, Trump was imprecise or liar on 2,140 cases, almost the same number as in the first year of his term, which collected a total of 4229 inaccuracies, and the meter adds and continues, each time at a speed accelerated," he announced WP. At that moment, the lies of a passenger in the White House already exceed 5000, on average seven a day.

Another lazy problem facing the richest man with the strongest man in the world is relationship with Saudi Arabia and the murder of a co – WP. In his statement Bezos says that "in some circles it is particularly unpopular" the investigation that the newspaper created about the death of Jamal Khashoggy, a journalist who is critical of the regime in Riyadh, which was killed and deployed in the Turkish Embassy in Turkey, allegedly under the direct command of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

In this context, Bezos contributes two links in its communication. One, from New York Times, which ensures that Pecker has business interests in Saudi Arabia, and invited a senior official from that country for dinner with Trump in the White House. And second, from the agency Associated Pressabout a magazine published by the US media, Pecker, which appeared last year at kiosks in Washington and was nothing more than a public relations operation in favor of Prince Bin Salman.

Bezos ordered an inquiry into the extortion of Gavin from Becker, a legal and security adviser who regularly works for him and the Amazon. De Becker would have concluded that compromise photos and messages had been delivered Enquirer Michael Sanchez, brother Lauren Sanchez, rapporteur for Bezos' friend. Michael Sanchez is a Hollywood art dealer associated with characters from the Trumpian world, such as Roger Stone or Carter Page. Your Twitter account is full of messages that attack the media because they give "false news" about Trump. As soon as it was known, Pecker sent its operators to re-challenge Bezos and tells him that if he does not stop working in the life of Michael Sanchez I would post a lot more compromised photos. Amazon's creator in her message is contributing an email sent by Pecker on February 5, detailing all the photos of the sexual content they have. "If in my situation I can not oppose this type of blackmail, who can?" Writes Bezos. "Of course, I do not want personal photos to be posted, but I will not participate in his well-known practice of blackmail, political favors and corruption, I'd rather get up, pick up this trunk and see what's happening from below."

I'm sorry to hear the news that Jeff Bozo [estúpido, en inglés coloquial] He was blasted by a competitor whose report, as I understand, is far more accurate than that of his lobbyist Amazon Washington Post. I hope the newspaper will soon be in better hands and more responsible! "was a tweet that Trump started in one of his sleepless nights shortly after he knew the details of the scandal. A message showing poor blood between Bezos and Trump. The competitiveness that comes from afar and is political and business. In the end, this is the battle in which the re-election of the Tram is in the game. Fight among those who want to stay for four years in the White House, and those who can not bear so many lies and lies, and strive to bring the Congress into an allegation that prevents reinstatement.

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