The perfidious reaction of Dalma Maradona before the controversial "I like" Rocía Olive v. Diegu: "No te …"


Daughter Ten stay sharp back and forth De Brito about the strong "similar" given by a young woman Instagram about his father.

Dalma Maradona, who once again beat Rocío Oliva with Diego.
Dalma Maradona, who once again beat Rocío Oliva with Diego.

In the middle of a strong separation Diego Maradona, Rocío Oliva she had a controversial gesture on Instagram to comment on "like" ten.

"You are beautiful, intelligent. What did you do next to Diega? Old, ugly, with bad habits and ordinary people" said the message of a friend who Rocío gave "like".

Quick, Ángel de Brito He gave information on Twitter and created a very spicy reaction … Dalma Maradone!

Diegos' daughter, who happily passed her seven-month pregnancy, responded with irony: "I can not believe you are! I'm falling to the floor of a surprise!"

Then he accompanied Angel on a fun and exciting trip:

– Dalma: I can not believe you! I fall to the floor of a surprise!

Angel: Your stepmother.

– Dalma: NOOOOO darling! Step! Thank you very much, but no! With my mom I have it, it reaches me and I have a lot!

Angel: I did not say mom! It's just one.

– Dalma: I do not know how to do it! It does not matter! I do not even need a stepmother! And less esaaaaaaa! Do not be so bad

– At the moment of the interview, a journalist shared a video that proved to be "similar" to Rocío in the social network.

– Angel: I'm letting @dalmaradona video, because they later erase or break them.

– Dalma: To give you an idea or understand the video! Fortunately, I do not need wood or I can see it! I know he traveled a lot, because people like me send you a capture!


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