Saturday , July 24 2021

The newly discovered insect found in B.C. Caves could have survived from the ice age

Scientists say that the newly discovered species of insects found in British Columbia can survive from the last ice age.

It is called Haplocampa wagnelli, located in a cave near Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, about three to four millimeters in length, with six legs and no eyes.

A study published in Subterranean Biology on Tuesday says that it can represent one of the northernmost cave species.

The main author of Alberto Sendra says that he may have adjusted to survival under an ice cap to avoid a sharp shade during the Ice Age or to move north from the United States.

She says that a small insect is an example of adaptation, and its existence opens the possibility of species surviving in different climates and conditions.

The name of the insect is called by the cavort and co-author of the article by Craig Wagnell, who spent years researching caves on Vancouver Island.

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