The new Royole folding mobile phone: expensive, and a disaster


A few years ago, the Chinese company Royole presented its flexible panels on CES and it is very good, but its folding mobile phone FlexPai catastrophe.

From a distance, it looks like an interesting concept, but with the control of hands and observation, a sharp reality becomes present.

The concept is simple: a 7.8-inch tablet, which you can stack to get a smaller device that's very unpleasant to use.

The first thing is a screen where the quality of the OLED used reminds you of Samsun's first attempts: completely broken and with non-matching colors, in addition to the light leaks from the side.

In addition, when it is folded, it forms a kind of "V" with the entire terminal, which means that any page that needs to be used is inevitably inclined.

As if this is not enough to prolong in the tablet mode, in the part of the flex is depicted "stress", changed color, and even some granulation on the screen.

By the way, every time it's doubled, it feels like it will inevitably ruin.

Finally, the layer of Android that it uses is terrible and the mobile phone is difficult to know in which position it is used, leading to crashes or terrible delays to return to normality.

This equipment is already on sale on the company's website and costs over $ 1300. An accident

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