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The mothers of Plaza de Mayo protest in front of their headquarters for possible judicial action

Association Mats Plaza de Mayo convened on Monday 15. taprila to "defend" his seat in. t Hipólito Irigoyen 1584, in front of Congreso Squarefrom an inevitable judicial operation. They claim that the judiciary is striving for "kidnapping and listening to the historical archives of the institution"., within. t the cause that is investigating the bankruptcy of the Foundation. About nine o'clock in the morning, a dozen people began to show themselves at the entrance to the room, applauding and posters with the legend "No Pasarán".

"The Plaza de Mayo mothers refuse the new progress made by the national government and its judicial operators who are re-trying: historical archive of the association, the largest in Latin America in its ranks, "they said in a press release.

As stated, "the Judge for Commercial Law no. Fernando Javier Perilloordered that a lawsuit be held in court on Monday at Plaza de Mayo's maternity center, "which allowed the execution of police forces".

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Last week, the association warned that Perillo "ordered that a seat be seized and illegally seated in order to provide room for complaints issued by the Ministry of Justice for the robbers and the spirit of persecution." In June 2017, the judge declared the bankruptcy of the foundation which presides Hebe de Bonani, at the request of a former employee of the foundation, to whom the company owes a large sum of money Telam.

"Operation has no legal basis and proves political goals that there is no fact or law, past all legality and the rule of law. According to the information provided, on November 27, 2018, Room B of the Chamber of Commerce issued a decision that "recognizes the Plaza de Málaga's rights, who assist him and Judge Perillo, lower than the Chamber , insist on ignoring. "

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From the Foundation, they ensure that "for an appeal court, The activities of the Plaza de Mayo are outside the Economic Code and are of public and social interest"and therefore they had to turn to the State Chamber of Commerce because" the judge of the first instance explicitly renounced their position at their headquarters and the right to continue their human rights activities worldwide ".

They also claim that "the Chamber of Commerce understood this." The mothers can not be evaluated with the same parameters as the company for various reasons: (your activity) does not mean or imply per se commercial activity; It was even carried out in the context of institutional weight and is based on the American Convention on Human Rights – the San José de Costa Rica pact – and is adhering to it – and recognized by the Argentine nation. "

This would not be the first operation in the matter. On Thursday, April 4th, a group of clerks responded with an order from Perilla to enumerate the huge material that is at the headquarters of the organization in front of the Congreso market. On this occasion, the measure was adopted by the inspector of the National University Institute for Human Rights, Javier Buján, appointed by Justice Minister Germán Garavano.


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